Chepstow Docks History

The Earliest mention of Chepstow is in the Domesday book of 1086 as a medieval port, but before this the area was known as Striguil. It is likely to have been a busy trading place from Roman times as we know that there was a bridge here that carried the Roman road from Gloucester to Caerleon. The location of the town guards the mouth of the River Wye and access to the border between England and Wales.
Chepstow Castle is the is one of the oldest surviving Castles in the UK    (LINK)
The Port was famous for its wine imports because it was a Free Port, but it also shipped valuable Iron and from the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Iron industry, and many other products to Bristol and the wider world. Shipyards here built sea going vessels and in recent times the area produces some of the largest bridge components for use worldwide


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